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flickr feed API project

UI Design, March 2018

Dev, March 2018



A simple Node/Express web app that allows users to search for images uploaded to flickr, and view those images either as a webpage or as raw json data.

It allows users to search through flickr's database of images. Users can search for images by topic, or browse latest images. The results for either can be view in the app, or viewed as raw JSON. It's loosely based on freecodecamp's Image Abstraction Layer project.

DesignDesignDevelopment Process

This was project I did for fun & self-learning in my feel time, so I didn’t have any formal or structured design process for this. I focused on creating a fun and visually exciting interface that still puts the content at the center of attention.

I’ve been working my way through freecodecamp’s “Front End Dev” projects to keep my node.js fresh since I primarily use Wordpress on a LAMP stack at work. Fow this assignment, the project was fairly basic, create service to allow users to search through images and receive indexed page results back as JSON.

I decided to make it more challenging and interesting by working with Flickr’s API to use their database of images, and create a web interface for the search API service I was building. I also used handlebars.js to handle templating for the search results. My version of the project allows users to search for images posted to flickr by keyword, or get a list of recent images, and the results can be view either as html or JSON.

The Final DesignDesignProduct

The final version is a demo hosted on glitch.