Denise NadalProduct & Design

personal portfolio site on various screen sizes

Personal Portfolio & Branding

UIUX Design, 2016 & 2018




For the design of this portfolio site, I knew I wanted something bright and fun and reflective of my personality and design taste. I love bright, bold colors and designs and wanted the challenge of using them in my portfolio. This site was also a chance for me to work on crafting a clear narrative targeted towards a specific user experience.

DesignDesignDevelopment Process

I started this site by spending a few weeks sketching out ideas as thumbnails and storyboards. Once I had clear idea about what I wanted the site to look and feel like, I took it to mockups and began figuring out the details of the design. From there I built it out into code.

It has undergone several iterations, first as a simple php site, then as WordPress theme, and now it's something of a hybrid.

The Final DesignDesignProduct

The design is a constant work in process, but has been in use in various iterations since 2016.