Denise NadalProduct & Design

Design exploration for job and customer screens in the Pointman App

Customer Search & Job Scheduling Experience

UI/UX Design
Fall 2018 - Fall 2019




A project that was ongoing from Sept 2018 to Nov 2019. The design was completed in several stages as it was started and shelved several times before the product was finally retired in December 2019.

Project Overview

DesignDesignDevelopment Process

One of the most frequent complaints about the Pointman app was that it was difficult to view information about customers and jobs, because the information was spread out across several screen.

Between projects, I took to the initiative to start exploring screen layouts to show all relevant information on one screen. I started with really basic information design, based on the common workflow for a Customer Service Rep scheduling a new job for their organization.

Although the designs received positive feedback from stakeholders, they were tabled until Engineering had capacity to take on the project.

Some time later, improving the user experience with Pointman became a company objective, and this project because the focus on the Product and Engineering Teams. During this round, I dived deep into exploring the customer journey and tested my designs against several key workflows. With guidance from the Product Director we were able to come up with a fresh modern design that made it easy to complete common tasks.

Unfortunately, after completing the designs, the timeline to deliver the final project wasn't acceptable to the Strategy Team, and we pivoted to a new project.

early paper prototypes
early paper prototypes & information architecture
cover image for scenario

Specific Scenario

Part of validating this design and workflow was running it through several common and uncommon scenarios. For this example, we follow the workflow of a Customer Service Rep responding to a call from a Landlord asking for information about a recent job completed at a tenant's house.

Early Component Design

After validating the design against our use cases, I created several early wire-frame designs of the various visual/interactive components that would be required, to discuss the project feasibility with Engineering.

version 2 wireframes
version 2 wireframes

The Final DesignDesignProduct

The final design was presented and approved by all the stakeholders involved, but was never put into production due to limited resources and shifting company priorities.

In hindsight, I wished that I fought harder to keep this project moving, but it's a lesson learned for the future.