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design for subscription home maintenance service

Home Maintenance Service

Product Research & UI/UX Design
Jan 2020




Product Exploration, Market & UX Research Project to identify new product opportunities to help homeowners avoid problems with home service contractors.

This project was 3 week experiment by a cross-functional Innovation Team.

Design Process

The process for this project was fast and experimental. We conducted several rounds of lean experiments to test hypotheses about the market, as well as using several methods to collect first-hand personal experiences to inform our thinking. Some of the methods we used were in-depth interviews, guerilla surveys, paid surveys, casually interviewing everyone we know and looking at general market data. We also conducted collaborative design sessions and workshops to define our personas, customer journey, understand the problem space, ideate product opportunities and define and test a value proposition.

The Final ResultDesignProduct

The final result was a pitch deck that we presented to the CEO. The summary of our pitch is as follows:

Homeowners end up paying almost 10K a year in unexpected hidden costs most of which could have been avoided with regular, simple maintenance.

Let's make it easy for homeowners to save money and protect their homes with a subscription service that provides regular maintenance.

Over $80 billion is spent on home repairs each year and of the homeowners we've talked to 75% are interested in a service to provide regular maintenance.

Now is the time to act. There's only a handful of competitors trying similar ideas and no one is doing it right.

This is a real opportunity to help homeowners build wealth and invest in their homes and communities.