Denise NadalProduct & Design

quote presentation design

Job Quote & Invoicing System

UI/UX Design
Summer 2018 - Winter 2018


Designing a new way for technicians to build customizable invoices & quotes in the field.

Design Process

This project was one of first two major projects that the UX Team undertook after joining the Engineering Team in 2018. We started this project in late summer but struggled to form consensus amongst the design team on the best solution; I knew there had to be a better way to make decisions than spending days in a room arguing about details. The difficulties we encountered with our own design processes on these projects was what inspired me to learn more about modern product design.

We started this project by getting a list of "requirements" (user requests) from our Customer Success team. Our subject matter expert's in house spend some time walking us through how they believed the users completed this task and how they should do it. We didn't have a robust (or any) user research processes at the time, so we had to take our SME's word for it.

Two of the three engineers who doubled as designers, myself included, spend several weeks ideating on what this process could look like. We spend a lot of time building our very detailed prototypes before ever talking to any customers.

It took us a very long time to come to any decisions about which designs to test with users, and testing consisted of walking users through our prototypes over a Zoom call, so our results weren't reliable.

When it came time to move forward and start scoping our the development work, we realized that we had scope-creeped this project to oblivion. The amount of time required to build the project was too large for our company to invest in.

This was the first of many projects that were tabled due to scoping issues, which is how I learned the importance of product managers and lean practices.

The design process for this was a major learning experience, and some of our best design work came out of this project.

The Final Designs

This project was never finished, and below are some of the screens form the last round of designs. They follow the scenario of a technician in the field preparing a quote and invoice for a customer.