Denise NadalProduct & Design

early draft at mapping the lifecycle of an HVAC service job

A Day in the Life

UX Research
Fall 2019


UX research into what it's like to be an owner or employee of a HVAC business. Includes personas, user interviews, user experience maps, industry research and diagraming workflows.

Design Process

I spearheaded this project after our new Product Director challenged the UX Team to test our assumptions about how our users really do their jobs. Up until this point, we accepted the longstanding assumptions that our organization has built up through the years about what a "job" should look like and what dispatchers and technicians "should" do.

We started this process by interviewing a former HVAC technician and our business coach, who was a general manager for plumbing and HVAC companies. During the interview process we made several discoveries that changed our entire perception of what a "job" was.

Through those interviews, and discussions with technicians at HVAC conferences, we learned about the kind of people who gravitate towards this work, and combining this insight with industry research, I was able to build personas for our 4 basic user groups: owners, dispatchers, customer service reps, and technicians.

By building out these detailed personas based on real data rather that anecdotal evidence, it became easier to focus in on the right workflows and solutions. All the insights we gained as a Product & UX Team through this process later informed the best design work we had done as a team.