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mockup of full branding system mockup of website on all screens

Spilker Custom Homes

Site Redesign & Branding, 2016

Site Redesign & Branding, 2016


With project partner, Drew Adams, designed and implemented a new clean and modern site targeted towards our client’s target demographic, utilizing user feedback to optimize UI/UX.

Also created a new logotype design & branded business system.

DesignDesign Process

We were on a tight deadline to complete the redesign, so I focused on creating a simple clean design that emphasized the content and services the client provides. The client had an established color scheme of blue & silver, which I used in conjunction with architectural serif fonts to create a feeling of monumental design, class, and luxurious architecture.

The Final DesignDesign

Spilker Custom Homes used our design for their web presence for several years, from 2016 to 2019.

While the client liked the designs for the business system, they chose to continue using their original logo for branding consistency