Tutoring Schedule App

Create a single page app to make it easy for students to find tutoring sessions for their classes. The interface needed to clean, simple and mobile-friendly, and the calendar needed to be easy to update by someone of basic computer skills. The final product was built using WordPress, javascript, jQuery and Google’s Calendar API.

Strange Horizons

A mockup of a potential redesign for online magazine Strange Horizons. It was completed as a design exercise.

Campus Map App

Our campus is always growing, so we needed a campus map that could change as quickly as our campus. Our previous map options were a 3-D interactive map, which was fun and engaging, but impossible to update, or simply displaying a pdf of the print map. I opted to create a customized Google Map application, which is responsive and easy to use on all devices.

Spilker Custom Homes

With project partner, Drew Adams, designed and implemented a new clean and modern site targeted towards our client’s target demographic, utilizing user feedback to optimize UI/UX. Also created a new logotype design & branded business system.

CritiqueIt Web App

My first MEAN stack project, completed as a design & development exercise. Its a prototype for a social networking site targeted towards artists and designers desiring feedback and constructive critique.

WeeFee App

Preliminary branding and UI Design for an Electron app of network scanning tools for network security professionals and enthusiasts.
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